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Specialist Programs for All Situations

Genç öğrencisi İngilizce öğreten öğretmen

For Children

English lessons for children of all ages

2 adam bir kafede oturup her gün İngilizce pratik yapıyor ve gülümsüyor

Day to Day English

English lessons for children of all ages

havaalanında kadın dünyayı dolaşmaya hazır

Travel English

Special program designed for individuals about to embark on travels

çok memnun görünen, gülümseyen ve kameraya bakan temel İngilizce öğrencisi

Basic Speaking

For individuals with little to no English skills

Erkek ve kadın ofiste ileri seviye İngilizce konuşma pratiği

Advanced Speaking

For individuals who have want to take their English to another level

İngilizce haberleri izleyen kadın

Understanding The News

Special training to help you understand the news in English

Corporate English

Massive range of corporate English programs designed to help you deal with the English speaking world.

See What Our Clients Are Saying...

Öğrencilerimizden birinin referansları. Gülümsüyor, kameraya bakıyor

Şahnur Kurutluoğlu

Managing Director

Being part of a multi-national company with branches spread across 6 countries, it is vital that I can communicate effectively with my colleagues overseas. I chose Konuş İngilizce after a friend recommended the company and I must say after 3 months training, my English has improved immensely.

Öğrencilerimizden birinin referansları. Gülümsüyor, kameraya bakıyor

Burcu Karadaş

Export Manager

We chose group training where I, along with 2 of my colleagues underwent English training with Konuş İngilizce. The teacher was absolutely amazing and didn't let anything slip. She made sure every person learnt exactly what they're supposed to, no exceptions. Full marks

Öğrencilerimizden birinin referansları. Gülümsüyor, kameraya bakıyor

Çınar Karaduman


English has been my weakest subject throughout my studies and this is largely due to neglect on my behalf because I found it boring. Eventually the penny dropped and I realised I needed to know English to progress in life so I contacted Konuş İngilizce. I chose the online training and I must say, after 3 months, I can easily converse in English and easily understand it when I hear it spoken.

Öğrencilerimizden birinin referansları. Gülümsüyor, kameraya bakıyor

Derin Erbay

Air Cabin Crew

I contacted Konuş İngilizce prior to join one of Turkey's biggest airlines because I had absolutely no understanding of the English language. I chose basic speaking and then advanced speaking. My English has gone from zero to hero in a matter of months. I breezed through the cabin crew recruitment process, largely thanks to my English aptitude. Very happy! Thanks Konuş İngilizce!

Öğrencilerimizden birinin referansları. Gülümsüyor, kameraya bakıyor

Yiğit Polat

Software Developer

Working as a software developer, I have to work and communicate with people are the work. My English needs to be on point when working on joint projects. Konuş İngilizce has helped me acquire the necessary required for clear and concise understanding of English which has made my job easier when communicating with my peers around the world.

Öğrencilerimizden birinin referansları. Gülümsüyor, kameraya bakıyor

Bora Dağdaş


Our son has been lagging in his English language skills at school. And now especially since the Covid-19 lockdowns, things got worse. So we forced him to enrol with Konuş İngilizce to assist him gain some English skills. We must say, he hated English lessons at school but with his Konuş İngilizce mentor, he's enjoying his learning and he can't stop speaking English at home! We would definitely recommend Konuş İngilizce if you want to quickly learn English and maintain focus.