Corporate Training

With our corporate training, we allow you to invest in both your company and employees. You can take advantage of our specialised programs using our highly experienced teachers to ensure that your organisation receives the best springboard towards English language skills possible.

We have transformed companies of all sizes. Having a good command of the English language will add value to your company and employees. Our programs cover all levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced English. Our focus is on helping you acquire vital communication skills that are essential in the modern business world.

You can choose from any number fo programs including; business English, which focuses on day to day English in International organisations, conferences prep is designed to help you prepare for conferences held in the English language, interview prep, designed to groom you to breeze through your next job interview, negotiating in English helps you build on your negotiating vocabulary, terminologies helps you understand modern terms and abbreviations and so on…

To see the full list of the areas we cover under our corporate training, click here.

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