One-on-One Training

There are many benefits of our one on one sessions. Instead of being surrounded by other students, its just you and your teacher. You will learn faster, master more of your training materials. The relationship with your teacher will empower you to take control over your learning process, gain confidence and communicate what you need, receive undivided attention that will enable you to learn efficiently.

Client feedback indicates that there are 8 distinct benefits with our one on one sessions:

  1. Session Will Never Proceed Without You: If for whatever reason you don’t attend your session, nor will your teacher. So you will never miss out on learning for risk falling behind.
  2. High Quality Interactions Where You Feel Heard: With our one on one sessions, your teachers are committed to listening to you and actively respond. Although the teacher will initiate or organise meetings, checkins, conversations are almost always driven by you where you enjoy control over the questions you ask and the feedback you recieve from your teacher.
  3. Low Stress Environment That Frees You From The Fear of Failure: Through our one on one sessions, you will learn to trust your teacher and will be given completely safe space to openly share. Conventional classroom settings can cause peer pressures, you may fear answering questions, making mistakes or taking risks. With our one on one sessions, our considerate teachers won’t put you on the spot with right or wrong answers, instead encourage you to use your growing English skills to rephrase things and compromise on the spot.
  4. Your Teacher Can Gauge Your Progress and Mastery: Our one on one sessions can help your teacher to get to know you better, allowing us to fully keep track of your progress, gauging your successes and struggles. Your teacher can then adjust or completely alter plans, deadlines etc.
  5. You Are Given The Opportunity to Step Up and Not Rely On Others: During our one on one sessions, you cannot rely on your peers, copy someone else’s work or fallback on the ideas of others. This highly increases your personal responsibility over your learning, forcing you to take the sessions seriously and fully master the materials we provide.
  6. Avoid Overstimulation and Eliminate Many Distractions: Without the distraction of overstimulation of a room full of peers, you are able to focus all of your attention on your teacher and the materials we provide. One on one interactions enable you to use all your brain power on the task at hand and not on the environment around you.
  7. Ability to Personalise Conversations and Assignments: Not only are you able to address only the things that you need help with, in while breezing through lessons you have already mastered, you are also able to curate your conversations with your teacher to match your interests. You can develop your course schedules, projects, reading lists etc to match your unique passions and learning styles. Your teacher will always align conversations and assignments with what interests and inspires you.
  8. Your Teacher Will Adapt To Your Communication Style: Our one on one training interactions allow excellent opportunities to practice inter-personal communication and conversing with one other person at a time. Your teacher will take care to communicate in similar ways that you do. You will never have decode messages that your teacher gives you, learn the materials provided and then figure out again how to communicate back to the teacher in a specific way. Instead, communication, sharing of ideas, and questions and answers can be more organic to your preferences. 
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