Travel English

Do you travel abroad regularly? Do you want to express yourself better when you’re there? If the answer is yes, you’re on in the right place. 

With our travel English program, you can start speaking sooner than you think. Thanks to our tailored programs, we will help you prepare your English  language skills that will exceed all your expectations.

You will notice your speaking skills improve week on week. This program is perfect for individuals who are pushed for time due to an upcoming trip abroad. As you complete this program, you will notice that many of your English language problems will be eliminated in a relatively short period.

You will undergo speech-oriented interactive sessions that focus on words and sentence patterns that you will need when travelling. These include:

  • Making hotel reservations 
  • Dealing with situations at the airport
  • Ordering food at a restaurant
  • Shopping
  • and much more


We don’t used fixed materials as we understand that every situation is different. We organise your sessions and materials on an ad-hoc basis so everything is tailored around you.

Speak to us today if you need to brush up on your English skills if you have a trip abroad coming up.

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