Writing Emails

Emails are now an established part of everyday life, especially work life. Businesses have moved on from letters and telegrams and now use emails for instantanious communications where sending and receiving emails is an integral part running an organisation

This program is designed to help you familiarise yourself with email formats, composing emails and eliminating all your fears.

Typical emails that you will have to deal with include:

  • Welcome Email: Email a new subscriber explaining how thankful you are for them to become a valued subscriber and the benefits they will receive for doing so
  • Offer Email: Send a discount code and a thank you message to a “VIP Listed Member”
  • Survey Email: Send out a survey email in a conversational context. 
  • Request Email: Email an existing client requesting certain information that you need for your records
  • Newsletter Email: Mail-shot your mailing list, informing subscribers of the latest developments in your organisation
  • Free Gift Email: Invite your subscribers to opt-in to qualify for a free gift

This is just a sample of the emails that you will familiarise yourself with (all in English of course!)

If you want to improve your email skills, talk to us today and see how we can assist you in doing this.


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